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The Legend of the Devil's Bridge

The architect that conceived the bold construction, once at the point of turning the arch, lost in drawings and calculations all his hopes. Science and experience didn’t help him anymore. Any human faculty had become useless. He swore at the unfinished work asking for assistance from the Devil. A man wrapped in a cloak appeared. He had a black suit and a pair of flaming eyes.

“Did you call me?” he asked, his face illuminating with a sudden flash.
“Who are you?” murmured the architect.
“The one who you invoked able to help you”
“Do you know what I want?”
“I know everything”
“Would you be able to turn round this bridge’s arch?”
“If it is what you desire, the bridge will be ended off”
“And what mercy are you asking for this?”
“A mere trifle for you. Just the soul of who first will pass through here”.
The man before clinching the deal, withdrew into his own thoughts. Then, once lifted up his eyes towards the man in black, in a low voice replied: “I agree”.

The darkness canceled hills and mountains as a hell of a night shrouded the valley. At dawn a very high bridge embraced with a unique arch most part of river Serchio. The architect, bound by promise, knew he couldn’t be released from the foul pact. Around him nobody, except for a dog that as looked at him started yelping. The architect called and then persuaded the dog to climb to the top of the arch throwing it some bread. When the animal reached the opposite side a tremendous rumble shook the earth. The rocks on the surface of the left side of the river opened up and from there sank the Devil to go back to Hell.