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Versilia Coast


Marina di Carrara - Below the marble producing city of Carrara, Marina di Carrara is a modern seaside resort with a soft sandy beach stretching between water and pines. Take a tour of quarries and marble museum in the morning, bathe later.

Marina di Massa - Besides the Beach, lots of cultural activity. Marina di Massa organizes a  farewell ceremony for the tourists at the end of the season, culminating in fireworks. 

Ronchi (and Poveromo) Since 1988 the International Prize “San Domenichino” honors the saint of Saragozza, and has been transformed in an international Literary Prize that attracts the artsy types. Smaller beaches, lots of villas. 

Forte dei Marmi - Literally "Marble Fort," Santa Maria beach at Forte dei Marmi has been named one of the worlds top ten topless beaches by Forbes. Forte dei Marmi is famous for its weekly and stylish clothing market.  

Marina di Pietrasanta features a sandy beach stretching for about 5 kilometers. The town of Pietrasanta is interesting to visit as well.

Viareggio is one of the most famous resorts in the Versilia and the largest beach town in Tuscany. Famous for the Carnevale di Viareggio, which attracts a million visitors every February. Lots of seaside restaurants, summer nightlife, and shopping here. 

Torre del Lago Puccini holds a summer Puccini festival with operas, concerts, and ballets performed in an open-air theater by the lake. The lake itself is a peaceful vacation spot.  Read more: Torre del Lago

A Word on Italian Beaches

Many of Italy's best beaches are commercial, like in Viareggio, for example. The deal is, you rent a place on the beach for a while from one of the "bagni", which includes a chair and sometimes an umbrella (often extra). You get the use of changing rooms and sometimes a locker for your street clothes. There is usually a free section of beach,  in other words, you can walk by the commercial establishments on the way to the free beach, which every town has.

For more on the Italian bathing ritual, see Pauline Kenny's excellent Swimming in Italy.